Yoga has been a faithful companion since I was run over by a car as a pedestrian over 14 years ago. This life changing event brought yoga into my life as part of my recovery. My body and spirit were transformed by this experience and I became dedicated to living life more fully since that fateful event. My loving Anusara inspired Vinyasa Flow teaching style is influenced by over 10 years of study of Hatha yoga and I am gratefully committed to my primary teachers: Shiva Rea & John Friend and most of all to my students whom I truly love so dearly.

I am honored to serve my students with the intention that while connected to your breath you might feel each pose with an open heart and a quiet mind. Thereby learning how to meet life challenges by relaxing more and using yoga as a means to explore yourself more deeply so you can see the beauty & strength within.

My classes are generally upbeat but serious too, supportive and authentic. I use people's questions, injuries, & demonstrations to deepen the learning process. I hope that coming away from class you are inspired to be good to yourself, and kinder to others...

While in the corporate world, I worked for both Inc 500 and Fortune 500 companies as Director of Human Resources and have many years specializing in Training & Development until I started teaching yoga full-time. With over 6,500 hours of yoga teaching experience I bring inspiration, enthusiasm and playfulness into each class through creative flowing sequencing and a delightful combination of yoga philosophy & healthy physical alignment. You'll also be treated to a different play list of inspiring music every class!

I would describe myself as a super gentle, sensitive Cancer with a Pitta/Vata nature. My favorite healing stones are Tigers Eye and Citrine and until February 2009 I had a Beaver Totem (industrious and works to be in harmony with others) until in changed to the Panther Totem (navigating the unknown, facing our fears). You'll often find me when not teaching yoga, practicing, talking or reading about yoga, watching funny action movies. Most of all I like hanging out soaking in the sun, reading People magazine and enjoying a cold Corona with my friends. Nature and the relationship of human spirit are my greatest teachers!