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April 28, 2010 Today is a full moon! The moon as you know is a reflection of the sun. The moon’s trajectory is very complicated. It follows the Sun’s trajectory, only 6 months later; the full moon in winter comes as high as the Sun in the summer. And it takes the Moon 18.6 YEARS TO FULFILL ONE COMPLETE ORBIT!  

Gosh if we were only so patient with ourselves.   

We all have stuff hidden inside us.  Who are we to think we are going to reveal this all in one yoga class or two or 10 or even 100. Heck the moon takes 18.6 years!  But yet often we come to the mat as the quick fix. It’s not going to work like that. Heed the words of Tantric scholar Christopher Tompkins, “Don’t try to fix shit during yoga, just try to be with how you are now.”  

There is plenty of stuff to uncover by the time we start yoga.  There is stuff of the past we need to heal and let go of, there are the future plans or goals we are afraid to actually speak out loud, there is actually being yourself as you are today.  There is so much that I strongly encourage you to take your time.  Allow what is embedded or hidden to be reflected as you feel comfortable doing. And believe me if you stay with this practice it will come out…it just takes time my friends.  Quite frankly, let’s all agree right now to give it 18.6 years at least.  

Love and light, Silvia  

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