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I Beat my Brain Injury! New Drivers License

How would your life change if you couldn’t drive a car?

I had to find out. A daily reminder that traumatic brain injury is life changing in more ways than you can at first imagine. ‪#‎TBI‬
Relearning to drive a Car was an almost 2 year spiritual test of my ability to persevere.
Step 1: your Sight must return.
– work with doctors to accomplish this
Step 2: relearn to trust your instincts.
Step 3: build back confidence.
Step 4: get past your fear.
Step 5: pass written test.
Step 6: pass driving test.
Step 7: pass eye exam.
Step 8: get car insurance again.
PCS post concussion syndrome is no joke. It’s invisible. And no one can do recovery for you. It’s just You. Just like getting your license is a demonstration of only your ability. You aren’t competing with anyone else.
My ability to face my fear has been deeply tested. I’m more proud of this license than my very first one. And I guess in many ways it feels like a new lease on life.
Next week I drive up and down the Central coast of California looking for my Heart Tribe. Excited. Scared. Hopeful!
Love yourself, love your day, love your life!
***And now on to facing the next scary thing! It’s even bigger. More on that to come…
new drivers license

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