Men Best Suited for Women Healers

According to ‪#‎VedicPsychology‬ women in healing professions, those who hold space for others and give a lot of their energy to their clients and friends, are best paired with men who are of the “strong & silent” type. The men who are solid and emotionally balanced, those who can handle a woman being emotional or tired, who can hold her (often in silence) and then calmly say just the most important words: “I’m right here, I’ve got you”. Women in healing arts and professions requite a lot of loving touch from their partners as loving human touch helps them restore resources and life force they give away during their work. They need a strong shoulder more than others as even just an illusion of a “safe harbor” represented by a “strong, silent” type of men helps them tremendously in every way: energetically, physically & emotionally… – I couldn’t agree more! The more healing work I do for people the more I see how true this is for me!!! 

(Thank you Isabella A. Greene for sharing this. This has been my personal experience as well.)

‪#‎ImRightHere‬ ‪#‎IveGotYou‬

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