4 Common Yoga Mistakes and How To Avoid Them By Silvia Mordini Do You Yoga

4 Common Yoga Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

The most common yoga mistakes we make have nothing to do with our physical alignment. It’s all about our attitude towards our teachers, our expectations, and ourselves. These do not apply to any one subset of yogis, new or experienced–they can impact all of us.

I hope these tips are helpful so we can more quickly avoid the pitfalls and get on with the truest benefits of yoga.

1. Relying On Your Teacher For All The Answers

Don’t believe the hype and get caught buying into the social media version of your teacher. There are just as many dysfunctional yoga teachers are there are other types of people. Your yoga teacher is just a person; a real, imperfect human being just like you. Maybe they have more awareness of who they are, but this doesn’t mean they have it all figured out.

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