2016 YES LIST!

For as many years as I can remember I’ve created a YES LIST. Here is what I say YES to in 2016. I hope my pledging this garners your support. I’d love to know what you say YES to this year? Love yourself, love your day, love your life! Silvia

1. YOGA: I am constantly stoking the fires of creativity by getting on my mat everyday to move and breathe in new ways. I never hold back.

2. MEDITATION: My meditation practice keeps me authentic. Without it I would forget to stay who I am. I would remain a spiritual amnesiac unable to remember what I know about myself.

silvia headshot hair upjpg3. TRAVEL: I travel to change my perspective and challenge what I think I know.

4. WRITING: I am strategic about who I write for each year and how much I write. I also apply the discipline of tapas and write 4 days per week no matter what. I stay true to my intention.

5. TRIBE: Through social media I stay connected to my readers. I recruit their questions into my stories. Their comments inspire me to write even more articles. I enjoy my life more because I make time for my partner, family and friends.

6. SELF-CARE: I set a love boundary. My commitment to loving myself allows me to have more to give others.

7. KINDNESS: I am dedicated to stoking a kindness movement. I am living proof of my own Kindness Campaign. I never need a reason to be kind.

8. UNPLUG: I make time to do nothing. I take a digital detox weekly and monthly.

Screenshot 2016-01-06 19.24.57

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