Roots and Renewal Poetry

I wake up Jan 9th living in California aligned with the new moon. I begin again. ‪#‎womanpoetry‬

I set new roots with both my hands and my feet. /
Creating a circle of energy, a seed. /
Mama Gaia, giver of birth to the Earth and all the Universe supports my safe passage. /
I nurture my roots & will see my branches grow /
I am held and nourished with deepest affection /
All doubts disappear to fertilize my intentions /
I grow in love forever and ever amen. / 

“This is a great new moon to get clear on what you are calling in and then do something practical, tangible and masterful about it.” @divineharmony

‪#‎newmoon‬ ‪#‎beginnings‬ ‪#‎roots‬ & branches

– See more at:…/new-moon-in-capricorn-star…/…


#‎bali‬ Photography by


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