3 Tips for Finding Your Tribe

Has doing a #Yoga #TeacherTraining been on your #bucketlist, or even a new year’s resolution? Have you been looking for your Soul #Tribe? Alchemy of Yoga we offer unconditional love and acceptance. This journey is about holding space for you to grow your happiness with a like minded high vibe family. This isn’t for everyone.

If you feel our vibe then join our tribe. Study with me in 2016!
May 1-21 Hawaii
July 30 – Aug 20 Costa Rica
Oct 1-22 Bali

3 Tips for Finding Your Tribe
We all deserve to feel a fit or kinship with a group of like minded people. Sometimes it may feel like you can’t find them. I assure you they are there. Lean into the values, feeling and vibe of your desired tribe.

1. Be Yourself. Be at home in your heart. Attract those that like you as you are.
– Being around your tribe will raise your vibration. You know you’ve met them when you feel no resistance or need to put up protective barriers.
2. Pledge it out loud. Tell the universe this is your intention.
– Stop being afraid to tell others that this is important to you. People help us to connect to the right people for us.
3. Look around you. Be present to those in your close energy field. Really “see” them. Often who we are looking for is right there nearby.
– Be open to feeling the people that are in your tribe beyond what appearance they might have on the outside. Tribe comes to you sometimes a different form than you expected, perhaps younger, older, different culture than you.

Authenticity & Joyful Self-confidence in living your Dharma.

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