Roadblocks to Your Happiness

Dukha, the bad stuff, happens to everyone. We must stop feeding our stress phobia thinking we are trying to eradicate the bad stuff. The real obstacle to spiritual practice is thinking that to be happy we must be stress-free. Obstacles are not the problem. Life is full of setbacks, traffic jams, heart breaks and road blocks. It is our reaction and hostaging of energy that is the real block to our happiness. Learning how to stress successfully is the answer to staying zen.

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

‪#‎Mantra‬ Defined: In the mythic storytelling of ‪#‎Ganesha‬, the well loved deity to whom we chant to help us remain friendly with our obstacles.

I manifested this Red Ganesha dress yesterday. I put intention out there calling it to me 44 days ago. And now it found me.

Above you see a bit of an article I’m working on. Would be happy to know your FAVE Ganesha mantra. Just leave it in the comments. I’d be super grateful!

Silvia xoxo


Ganesha Red Dress

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