10 Minutes to Change Your Life

Death is trending. Visibility has been higher than usual this week with the passing of world renowned musician, artist, producers, and attacks on everyday people. So yesterday I was moved to write my own Eulogy.

Take a few minutes & write your own. It will change your life. 

*Imagine that you’re at a funeral. You look around, and you recognize your family first, then you see the faces of all your friends. Everyone is gathered together.

Suddenly, you realize that it’s actually your funeral.

You walked into the part of the service when your loved ones make their eulogy to you. One by one, they get up to speak and share what they loved most about you. They share their stories.

Now come back to today, and think about what you really want people to be saying.

The truth is EVERY DAY we are writing our own eulogies. 

They get written as we share moments with other humans throughout our lives. Right now ask yourself:

How do you want to be remembered? 
• What do you want your legacy to be? 
• How will your friends and family describe you?
• How will you be remembered for having lived your life?
• What will your contribution to the world be?

Now take 5 minutes to write your own eulogy.

This exercise will change your life. It will give you a clear understanding of whether TODAY you are living in alignment with your highest good. Are you doing all you can to become your Best Self? Are you prioritizing ways each day to love yourself, love your day, love your life?

From your heart, how do you want to be remembered?

–When I die, here’s what I want people to remember…
–When I die, here’s what I want people to say about me…
–What I want people to remember most is…

Remember this is not a rehearsal. This is it. Right here, right now. You can choose to live your best life.

When I die, here’s what I want people to say about me:
– Silvia was kind. 
– She made a difference.
– Enthusiasm to love your life was contagious around Silvia. 
– Her presence was laser like, in minutes, hours or weeks she woke you up to the power you had to change. 
– She inspired people to be their own hero & say YES to live happier lives!
– She really believed that everyone could figure out his or her purpose/dharma and live it fully.
– She changed people’s lives by inspiring them to get unstuck from their pain or self-limiting habits.
– Silvia lived her happiness in such a big way that you couldn’t help but leave her presence through classes, workshops, trainings, retreats or read her books being spiritually uplifted.
– She believed in abundance. Her love was ever generous and she wanted you to love yourself, love your day, love your life. 
– She loved traveling the globe, was an adventure junkie, travel addict, connector, friend maker, & fashionista.
– She had a beautiful smile, loved to laugh and play and wasn’t afraid to cry about what touched her heart.
– She wanted everyone to hold hands. Her love language was physical touch. She hugged you hello & good-bye
– You knew she had struggles, many of which she kept quiet about, but she transformed every challenge into lessons to pass forward to the world, to her students. She really didn’t want you to make the same mistakes. 
– She held space, and held you responsible for your happiness. Once you pledged something to her she remembered it forever and wanted to contribute to your growth. 
– Her tribe loved her gently; they felt like she had to be a bit protected in order to give her space to be vulnerable. They were guardians, soul brothers and sisters, keepers of promises and understood her devotion to the divine and didn’t make her feel embarrassed about her love of love and devotion to God. 
– She was an amazing soulful mother and wife. This was her greatest joy!

I offer you this exercise from my New Year Manifesting Happiness Booklet. Join my mailing list to receive a FREE copy.

Silvia Red Dress Agung

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