Courage to Leave the House

Jim Beckwith writes, “My mind stops me from doing a lot of things that might be worth doing.

How many times have you been pulled out of your tendency to stay, to not move to not go out into the world to experience something new. I once had a friend who’s motto was “good things happen when you leave the house”. You have to step out of your comfort zone a bit to experience life.”

For whatever reason that hit home more than usual today. 
1. I am a lifelong adventurer, spiritual seeker, global citizen by birth.
2. I also, like my friend Marc Titus, have PTSD along with being a TBI survivor. My first experience of PTSD was from a hit & run accident 20+ years ago. And most recently related to the TBI from 2 years ago.

For a while, this combination stopped me from “leaving the house.” But again and again through divine intervention I dug deep into universal love to give me the courage to “step out of my comfort zone.”

This mantra of Every Day is New saved me. I can always break Free because it’s up to me. (Along with support of friends and family.)

Read Jim Beckwith’s complete article “Time is Elastic, Every Day is New”


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