My Healing Story Bali Melukat at Sebatu

I’ve been interested and invested in my own healing since I was 25 years old. That happens when you’re in a hit and run. Truth is that by the time I graduated college I had already seen my fair share of trauma. And by the age of 27 I had suddenly lost my Father, Enrico, to a heart attack.

As a result, I don’t apologize for seeking healing. To be fair, you should also know I admittedly have an ingrained skepticism that has influenced the modalities I’ve used for my own healing. However, from my personal experience I do trust this advice from Caroline Myss because it has proven to be true in my own life:

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind”

“Belief in oneself is required for healing.”

“Healing requires taking action – it is not a passive event.”

“Finding the right healing path requires all or nothing. Once you place conditions on healing, all you can achieve is conditional healing.”

My healing story takes place all over the world. I have sought advice, counsel, insight, clearing from medicine men, acupuncturists, guides, therapists, shamans, doctors, taxi drivers, a Mayan wonder woman, intuitives, readers, Mother Nature and of course from the divine.

I have only love for those that would judge me. I don’t pretend to have the “right” answers for you. I am convinced that part of my dharma is to share my story and its lessons. From there you can discern how it inspires you to take action towards your own deepest healing.

This video is a peek at one of the many healing ceremonies I’ve blessed myself to receive with an open heart and mind. It takes place in Bali. This one is Melukat of which there are six different kinds. It takes place at Sebatu where you’ll see me bathing in the holy water of this holy waterfall.

Melukat defined: Wikipedia (to quote an official source) defines it as “a ceremony of mind and soul and spirit in human.” It is a purification ritual. Think of this as a Spiritual Cleansing. Or even better yet think of it as a karmic cleansing of things acquired in our present life and from past lives.

What I know is that I believe in the power of water to heal. My first water initiation was baptism. Besides air, what we next most need to survive is water. In the chakra system water is a form of energy (prana) associated with emotion, the alchemical realm of the second chakra.

My Belief Statement:P1070877

-I believe in purification.
-I believe in miracles.
-I believe in possibilities.
-I believe in 3rd chances.
-I believe in magic.
-I believe in those things we cannot prove or see with the mind such as Love.
-I believe in living with less pain.
-I believe in actively loving myself.
-I believe in my potential to heal.

I trust a benevolent universe that offers us a three part cycle: hurt, healing, healed.

If any of this is interesting to a point where you have questions but you don’t have anyone to talk to about it or want something more than Google don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I am happy to tell you more of my own experiences around the world.

To me all of this falls under the category of self-care. How much, what it involves, whom you ask for help from, and how far you go to prioritize your happiness is up to you. Love yourself, love your day, love your life, Silvia


Melukat derived from the word “lukat”, derived on Balinese-Kawi (old Javanese languages) dictionary means “bersihin, ngicalang” (in Balinese language) “to cleanse or purified (in English). In the Indonesian Dictionary, the word ‘lukat’ means ‘letting go’ (to releasing some stuff), then get the prefix ‘me‘ becomes ‘melukat’, which means doing a job to release something ‘negative’ in the body and soul, through a ritual.

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