What is an Altar?

Jack Hayford describes Altars as “a memorial to the place where God meets us. We may not always be able to make a physical altar, but there can be one established in our hearts.”

I agree with that and would add from my experience it is a special dedication to sacred space. An agreement made between you and something bigger than you, what I personally call the divine.

Why Create an Altar?
To ask for help. To seek support from the energies of the universe towards both my personal and universal intentions. I create altars everywhere I go, first thing, to invoke positive and protective energy.

Where Do I Create Altars?
Anywhere that feels like it protects me, honors my connection to the divine, and supports my intentions.

How Do I Create an Altar?
I tap into my heart consciousness and intentionally set up my talismans, special tokens, power pieces, figures, photographs, food, flowers, crystals in a purposeful way.

Do You Have to Know What Everything Represents?
No. The universal mind knows how to interpret your offering.

How Do You Learn What Each Piece Means?
Study with an experienced teacher. Read and learn. Journal about the meaning of what each “thing” has for you.

Altar Love Jan 29 2016What Types of Things Have You Used on Your Altar?
I’m open hearted to receive support and love from a variety of philosophies. I use sometimes my “travel” buddha, ganesha and lakshmi mini statues, or Mother Mary. I also have photographs of Saraswati, Gandhi, Archangel Michael. I will often put the card I pulled for that day from my Angel cards on my altar of loving things.

I always have my collection of crystals to choose from and arrange in a special way based on what I’m feeling I need. Go to’s include citrine, rose quartz and clear crystal. I might also place my special malas.

I have my representation of Mother Earth in the form of flowers, fruits, avocado, nuts, shells, actual little pile of dirt.

Incense, sage, candles are sometimes included. I might also draw a picture, often a mandala, use my singing bowl or frame drum as a foundation or container.

And always those things that represent fertility like seeds and such.

Where was I Most Inspired by Altars?
In Bali where every home, building, has a temple (an altar) and the culture makes offerings 3 times per day. The sacredness of the ordinary soaks in.

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