Lion’s Breath Simhasana for Stress Relief

Even you aren’t interested in practicing asana (yoga poses) try this exercise for immediate stress relief. No black stretchy pants required.

It is called Simhasana because in Sanskrit, ‘simha’ means lion.

-Closing your mouth, touch your palette (upper roof of your mouth) with your tongue.
-Inhale a deep breath through your nose while your tongue is still touching your palette.
-Exhale while sticking out your tongue and opening your jaws as much as possible.
-Roar at the top of your voice while exhaling. The roar should be with a “Haa” sound.
Hold this pose for between 20 and 30 seconds.
-Do not inhale immediately after this pose; inhale after the specified 20 to 30 seconds.
Repeat 5 or 6 times.

P1090938-It stimulates and firms the platysma, which is a flat thin muscle in the front of the throat, as we age. This is the muscle that pulls down the corners of the mouth and also wrinkles the throat. It is believed that this exercise will help to prevent the sagging of the throat.

-Cures clenched jaw and teeth grinding relieving stress there.

-Relaxes tensed up neck muscles.

-Stretching of the tongue is involved in this pose so the circulation of blood to the root of the tongue and to throat increased.

-It makes the larynx, trachea and all the bronchioles active.

-It helps to remove tension from chest and diaphragm.

-Thyroid gland is also stimulated by this pose.

-Improves vocal tone.

-Releases anger in a healthy way.

-Promote a sense of humor about yourself.

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