I Need a Retreat But I’m Afraid

Hey Soul Riders, Music Lovers and ‪#‎Bhakti‬ Yogis!
naturalI’ve been holding space for YOU on our ‪#‎Bali‬ ‪#‎YogaRetreat‬ Mar 27-Apr 3. My heart can hear your heart asking all sorts of questions and it’s clear you WANT to go.

You’re just worried “How do I get there? Can I afford it? What’s everyone else like? But I don’t know anyone? Will they like me? What’s it going to be like? Am I ready? How many people are going? Am I good enough?”

Here’s what I always reply back heart to heart:
-You Are Good Enough (at yoga, at life, at being yourself)
-You Are Ready. Nothing is gained by waiting (again).
-My Mama bear energy brings the whole tribe together and you’ll gain friends for life. And you’ll be family with me forever.
-This retreat is limited to 16 friends total + Jim Beckwith and I
-How do I get there? You leave the day before you want to be there. On the way back the day you leave is the day you arrive back home because you cross over the International Timeline. You live the same day twice. Details
-What do I pack?
– The mobile spa will be more than you can imagine. The love you’ll grow is bigger than I can explain. The release of old stuff, pain, and stress is deep. Your face will hurt from smiling. Your ab muscles will be worked out from laughing.
You know there are lots of Yoga Retreats. What I offer is not that. I am creating an adventure of heart and soul for you to feel nurtured and reconnect with how you want to FEEL day to day AFTER the retreat.

I do this because it’s my dharma.

And even now, just talk to me if you want to come but have limited resources. We will find a way together. Ok? I love you! PM 2068865743

$300 OFF Double $1295 Single $1595
Secure your own lodging $695

This retretreat includes 3 day pass to BaliSpirit Festival valued at $450
Airfare is running $710 round-trip
Live music with Jim Beckwith Music!
Where we stay? Luxury Bhuwana Ubud


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