Receiving Support from Mama Gaia

I am not afraid of ‪#‎Ganesha‬ X 2. My challenge is having to remind myself to keep receiving support from our great Ma, Mama Gaia. She holds me up in this beautiful balance day in and day out. I call upon her to keep me light.

“One of your greatest allies by far, as a human being and specifically as a woman, is the earth Herself.”

“Called Great Mother, Gaia, Changing Mother……..for all human time the earth has been understood to be an embodiment of great feminine essence. Energies and experiences that are too DENSE for us, that are burdens for us, things that are just too heavy for us to carry (but that we often unconsciously carry anyway), are FOOD for her. She was made to transform or even compost densities that we simply cannot handle. So remember – you are under no obligation to carry density, to carry burdens. Make the choice to give it to Mother Earth and it will transform from your burden to Her nourishment.” – Jumana Sophia

2 ganesha king dancer
‪#‎KingDancer‬ ‪#‎CosmicDance‬ ‪#‎SacredFeminine‬

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