Why Yogis Are More Attractive by Silvia Mordini Do You Yoga

Why Yogis Are More Attractive

Here is a super simple fact about energy: it is attracted to the same kind of energy. Like energy attracts like energy. When we breathe, feel, and live from our heart energy we attract more of the same. And science can prove it. This is otherwise known as the Law of Attraction. FaveluluphotoAnd interesting enough, when you feel good, you are more attractive. Yoga teaches us that our natural state is one of happiness. We are born that way and meant to live that way. There is nothing wrong with enjoying life! Here are 3 ways yogis are more attractive:

1. Confident Attitude
Develyn Steele says, โ€œSmiling changes your attitude, raises your confidence, and makes you more attractive.โ€

Whether you believe it or not, smiling changes how you feel. If you doubt this, then start smiling and thinking positive thoughts and see what develops. You will find that you canโ€™t help but have a more .

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