May I Marry You?

Dear Beloveds for the last 10 years I’ve been a celebrant, able to conduct legal marriage ceremonies. I specialize in crafting spiritual weddings for nontraditional couples.
One of the most important initation rituals you can experience as an adult is your wedding IMG_4153ceremony. The day will have 24 hours just like any other day. The most important part will be your wedding ceremony for it will “initiate” you into the sacredness of your marriage to one another. This is a Rite of Passage moving you from single to married. Through the exchange of your vows you will be launched into your promise to love, repect and cherish each other.
The perfect ceremony strikes the balance between personal expression and tradition. I recommend that you as a couple put your signature on the ceremony in the content and feeling but work within a basic ceremony structure. I will help you make your ceremony unique but not complicated. It’s also been my experience that the most enjoyable ceremonies for a couple are those that are simple and not overly long.
On your wedding day what I want most for the both of you is to be present to one another, breathe in every moment and express your joy. This day is your celebration. It is about you and for you. Have fun! May you and your marriage be blessed in all ways, always.
All my love,
Silvia Mordini
I will be available in Bali March 15-April 10; Tuscany, Italy April 10-June 30, Costa Rica July 21-Aug 30, USA Sept-Dec. And I am happy to travel to where you are too. Email

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