Affordable Yoga Teacher Training

For 11 years I’ve taught an RYT 200 Hour Yoga Alliance approved Teacher Training program more than 20 times. My school is called Alchemy of Yoga. We are a loving global family with alumni from all over the world. Our Mission is to Teach Peace. How we do this is through your own authentic delivery of your own choosing using meditation, pranayama, philosophy, elemental medicine, and yoga poses as ingredients in working with clients.

It is also part of our philosophy to keep our Yoga School affordable.

We never turn anyone away due to financial reasons. We offer payment plans, scholarships, discounts on tuition, bartering, support of your Go Fund me campaign and good price points.

Our upcoming destination Yoga Teacher Training program in Florence, Italy, hosted by Italia Power Yoga is an example.

This program will cost you $8.52/Hour

You’ll receive 234.5 Hours of Training for this your investment.

Your Investment into Yourself

Full Program

  • RYT 200-Hour Teacher Training + No Lodging: $1,999 USD
  • RYT 200- Hour Teacher Training + Shared Room: $3,500 USD
  • RYT 200-Hour Teacher Training + Private Room: $3,900 USD

Module 1 RYT (88 Hours) $1175
Module 2 RYT (65 Hours) $850

Teacher Trainers: ‪Silvana Alfonso‬ and Silvia Mordini assisted by ‪Tess Obermeier‬
Where? Florence, Italy
Hosted by? Italia Power Yoga



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