Tuscany Yoga Retreat Favorite Photos

t’s not really fair to try to curate the “best” of my signature ‪#‎Tuscany‬ ‪#‎YogaRetreat‬ because I love all of it. Toscana is seen in broad brush strokes but it is felt with detailed precision only your soul knows.

I live in Tuscany part of the year. I am not a visitor. For that reason, what I want to share with you is not just a week of experiences waiting to happen but they are the totality of my entire life and that of my Father’s family. You receive my heritage as a gift on my beautiful ‪#‎Italy‬ Yoga Retreat.

Under the Tuscan Sun is a place you fall in love with and that love affair continues forever. For me, it’s never stopped. It is carried in your heart and how you drink, taste, see and feel the world.

We are all artists, dreamers, and poets. Italy simply reminds you of your true nature. Just like yoga does. And when you combine them it is magic!

My next adventure guided wtih acclaimed Art Expert/Teacher/Healer Amita Stark, is June 19-25, 2016.


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