Every Day I ask Myself Am I Serving as an Example or Warning

1 year ago from my article in Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine about “Being Spiritually Ordinary”

The irony, that is easier to make peace with today, is that in that very moment when one of my biggest dreams came true, being published in a print magazine I hold in high regard, the next breath would bring me to my knees.

It took me 15 years of public writing to reach this pinnacle. Overnight success!

And the next day after this beautiful weekend with dearest friends in Sunriver, Oregon, my life as I knew it collapsed from a lie I wasn’t aware I was living in.

mantra mag example or warning

Everything I wanted manifested for about 2 seconds and then it was gone. So much was stolen from me both in material ways and emotional ways that I still can’t believe I survived it all.

My life became a series of doctors visits, one blurring into the next, days becoming weeks. I fell behind with friends and colleagues as I went through a roller coaster of emotions, my time dedicated to saving my own life. I spent way too much energy waiting for the results of more tests and more tests.

Through it all I came back to this that I’d written, “Every day I ask myself, am I serving as an example or warning?”

A year later I’m alive and thriving!

A year later I hope my life in some small way has served as an EXAMPLE.

How would you live differently if you had a year to live? Would serving as an example become more important to you? Well, even if you have 5, 10, 25, 50 years left may all our lives be dedicated to being inspiring examples for those around us.

Hold to heart, we never know what battles someone is fighting privately. And just because we’re engaged in social media it doesn’t contractually require we share EVERYthing.

My way to serve as an example was to publicly focus on elevating spirit, staying the course of my #dharma to teach peace, and inspire kindness.

I knew if I shared every brutal detail I would have sacrificed my life this last 365 days to be a warning but the personal cost to my spirit would have been too high.

Everything can change in the time of a breath.
And it can change again in the next breath too.

Today do what nourishes your spiritual happiness and trust that will be all the example the world needs from you.

Love yourself, love your day, love your life!
Silvia Mordini, Life Inspired Happiness Coach

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