Alchemy of Dharma 1 on 1 Coaching Program

Alchemy of Dharma 1 on 1 Coaching Program is going on now. I am currently accepting 3 new clients. 

The Alchemy of Dharma Coaching Program is a unique experience in personal development. Over the course of 6 weeks, Silvia Mordini will guide you through in-depth development of business strategy, personal growth and soulful happiness. The program has flexible hours and flows in tune with the three rhythms in nature that set the stage for transformation.

▪ Shrishti (creation) – Build your business and have fun doing it.
▪ Sthiti (sustatinment) – Enter the self-sustaining growth cycle of continuous expansion of your business.
▪ Samhara (growth) – Capture your infinite interest and stay inspired by dissolving your previous set points.

This program is open to those who:
▪ Have completed an Alchemy Tours Yoga Retreat
▪ Have completed an Alchemy of Yoga 200-hour yoga teacher training program.
▪ Have completed the mentorship application form.

This program starts when you are ready. You select the timing and coordinate with the availability of Silvia Mordini. In general, the program will last for 6 weeks with a 1:1 personalized call each week. During each call we will create a plan for integration/self-development and after each call you will receive a high level summary from your Mentor Alchemist Silvia Mordini with your tailor made weekly mantra so that you have an anchor to come back to.

SHRISHTI Initial Download (90 minutes)

Call 1: In this introductory session we get clear and focused, co-creating the desired end result for our time together. This session is the work of becoming clear on your core values and what you want to be doing in the world.

STHITI In the Flow (4 calls, 60 minutes each)

Call 2: In this call you take responsibility for your personal legacy as a reflection of core values. We explore branding, smart marketing and employ the igolu method of outside interviews to gain a new perspective.

P1090936Call 3: The focus of this session is getting into receiving mode. We upgrade your self-care program so that you are firing on all cylinders as the most soulful version of yourself. We create a plan of action for radical self love and purpose.

Call 4: Your vibe creates your tribe. Here we dive into mindful networking and conscious community. We talk generosity, compassion and giving locally while living your fullest life globally

Call 5: Discover your intelligent edge with clarity around what lights you up. Learn how to spend more time doing the things you love to do and less time spinning your wheels. We discuss ways to avoid burnout and the work hangover, mindful practices for efficiency and understanding your dream schedule.

SAMHARA Set Point Rising (90 minutes)

Call 6: In our final session together, we elevate your set point and cross the threshold into the next phase of inspired living. We create a 12-month action plan from the daily (dinacharya) to the seasonal (ritucharya) so that you can begin living your vision NOW.

**7 hours of inspired coaching + 7 hours of self study = 14 hours total

▪ Personalized coaching to develop your authentic brand, mission and vision.
▪ An action plan to grow your business in an energetically sustainable way – no burnout!
▪ Access to ongoing development with loving feedback and guidance from your Mentor Alchemist.

Hours spent completing Yogapreneurship modules can be applied towards CEU requirements for the 200 Hour level of registration with Yoga Alliance. Currently, Yoga Alliance requires that 30 hours of continuing education and development be completed every 3 years.

COST: $600
By check to 2227 11th Ave West, Seattle, WA 98119
By Pay Pal

Please submit your application to our Silvia Mordini:

Please direct any questions to or

I also provide hourly Tune-Ups for $75 per hour. Test drive your mentor before you take them off the lot! Or, check back in for a tune up if you’ve completed the program before – we’ll jump right in where we left off. (1 hour minimum.)


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