What Makes a Real and Authentic Yoga Teacher by Silvia Mordini Do You Yoga

What Makes a Real and Authentic Yoga Teacher?

A recent NY Post article calls out some of the worst case scenarios in how humans teach yoga. On the one hand, we could simply disregard the article for being snarky and provocative. But on the other hand, there was some truth there too.

Yoga is not a closed, one-sizefits-all recipe to follow.
There is so much more intelligence to this ancient practice.
Teaching minimally requires emotional maturity, self-inquiry, fundamental integrity in line with the Yamas and Niyamas, foundational guidelines offered in the Yoga Sutras, and knowledge of how to practice the yoga poses safely and uniquely for your body.
I asked California-based veteran Teacher Trainer and international yoga leader, Emily Perry, about what a teacher training program should highlight. She said, “A yoga teacher training program should graduate qualified and knowledgeable teachers that understand:
1. the role of a yoga teacher, and the importance of the container we create for students to feel safe
2. the path of practice as the place from which we share and offer yoga
3. the heart of the teachings: what are these fundamental practices asking of us?
alignment and form as a path to aligning the heart, mind and energy body with our intention and deeper meanings for practice.
Photo credits: Prana del Mar

Read the full article on DoYouYoga.com 


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