Get High With Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training

With Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training I promise you will get High 🙂 but on Laughter, Breath, Meditation, Yoga, SuperFoods, Music, Dance, Sisterhood and Love.

PS we have formed the Most amazing #LoveTribe perfect to live together in gorgeous villas under sunny warm skies Oct 1-22,2016 on the island of love,#Bali.

What do I mean by High?
Wikipedia defines it as slang for “Substance intoxication.” Examples include alcohol intoxication, opioid intoxication, cannabinoid intoxication, caffeine intoxication, hallucinogen intoxication amongst others.

Ask yourself, what do all of these have in common?

I’m a practical spiritualist. I explain getting high as either (1) running away from yourself or (2) moving towards your true self. If getting high means that you freeze, fight, flee, then consider it might not be the healthiest option. On the other hand, if getting high means “facing” what you’re feeling, what you’re doing or not doing, taking responsibility for yourself then that’s a worth while way to spend your energy.

The kind of High I can offer you is more along the lines of feeling elevated and exalted. You will feel great as a result of practicing mantra 108 times every day minimally, dancing, meditating on lovingkindness for yourself. Most of all you will feel the contact high from being with high vibration tribe for 22 days.

4 Ways to Get High
1. Meditation: Find altered states of being with the biggest pharmaceutical of all, your mind. Your thoughts create your reality. Choose a new pattern, a deliberate pattern and let that open up your mental pathways to experiencing a new reality or alternate reality.
2. Breath Work: Spiritual bliss can be stoked by practicing certain pranayama, breathing techniques. Your breath has personality. Change your breath and as a result change your personality.
3. Superfoods: Eating a high vibration diet can change your mood and your energy.
4. Yoga or Ecstatic Dance: When we move and breathe we release endorphins the feel good hormones as well as serotonin and dopamine.




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