My New Normal

3 years ago I chose to embrace a “new normal” after TBI. Thank goddess for my mindfulness meditation practice, faith in Divine love, mantra, singing and high happiness set point. 🙏💚

I’ve always loved the physicality of the asana because achievement seems visible, while at the same time 99% of “the work” is invisible. This saved my spirit from collapsing under the weight of the #NewNormal.

My progress in recovery is challenging to observers because I look healthy on the outside. Because my injury is invisible people assume I am fine. From the outside looking in it’s hard to understand. From the inside looking out, it’s hard to explain. Meanwhile on a daily basis I have to navigate more speed bumps than I had to before in my old life. 

Think about what a speed bump requires you to do? Slow down.

It takes me longer. Still does. You have no ideas how much effort I have to put into all that I do as compared to before.  I am processing, just more slowly. I’m high functioning, but slower. My new normal has given me an enhanced opportunity, a gift to #BePresent. I am more grounded.

And of all the things I don’t miss about the old me, the triple A personality pitta powered push thru it mentality, is the breakneck speed at which I was living life. 

This is not a race. 

It certainly isn’t a sprint to the finish line if we’re lucky. Life, if lived gently paced, is a marathon.

Calm is my Superhero power. 

This foot behind the head pose looks easy. The truth is it took a long time to get here. What’s visible today was for many years invisible.

And sometimes what’s invisible is visible if you lean in and see thru the eyes of your heart and less so with your mind.

Today, I ask myself, what is right there in front of me that I’m not seeing? What is possible for me? Do I have the patience to look more deeply?

Yoga makes the invisible world visible and the visible world invisible. It works it’s magic both ways.

Love yourself, love your day, love your life!

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