Closing the Chapter on Seattle

This week I am writing the final chapter about my life in Seattle.

I purchased my home June 2010. My Mom drove me to the airport straight from the courthouse and I hopped on a flight for Seattle to sign the papers. It was a flurry of activity due to circumstances beyond my control.

At the time it was the best I could do. Until that it is when it ALL changed.

And that’s how I came to actually start living in my Seattle lovenest January 2011 still owning my beloved yoga studio Total Body Yoga in Chicagoland. What I know now is that I should have taken this as a positive sign of resistance. To stay in Chicago. Instead, I fought against the obvious and pressed forward to Seattle never mind my right to Metanoia.

Defined as (n.) the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self or way of life.

All I know is that one moment I had built a home with my husband 5 minutes from my Yoga Studio, had taken an early retirement from a successful corporate life to concentrate on creating a family. We had the house built with mindful intention for growing our family: master bedroom as large enough to hold crib so the first baby wasn’t too far away from us when we slept. The 2nd bedroom was ready as a “Baby’s Room.” And the 3rd bedroom was already designated as their “Toddler” bedroom. That way when the second baby came the baby’s room would be open again for them.

We also had a requisite “guest room” for grandma’s and grandpa’s and aunts and uncles to come stay with us for holiday’s and special events. Even the walk out basement was with the intention that ours would be the house where our children and their friends would want to hang out at.

I lived into this future every day excited about it.

Until the point my husband decided he didn’t actually want children.

Fast forward to Seattle. I don’t know how I came to be here. On some level it seems unlikely a place as any since have I have no friends or family here and didn’t have any inclination to be in the Pacific Northwest. But I met a man on a train in Tuscany (you know, that old story…). The next thing you know I’ve made the grand gesture to move across the United States to begin a new life with him 6 months after my legal divorce, more than 2 years in the making.

It has been an interesting part of the story of my life. I couldn’t have ever imagined this would be a chapter, even now I’m still shocked. But here I am, getting ready to sell my Seattle home, writing this final chapter.

You might wonder where am I going? Yea, me too.

I surrender to what will reveal itself to be the plan and purpose for me. Time will tell.



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