What is Worth Keeping?

I stand back to get perspective on my lifelong collections of things. I visit each group and pay it attention. Then I pick something up, feel it and ask myself “what is worth keeping?”

heartpranaI’m not moving “stuff.” I’m deciding what comes with me to be “planted as my HEART in the earth.”

From this I will grow a new heart that will be the life-force of my new life.

This is vitally important for the health of my heart depends on the seeds of the heart I plant. How well I plant and nourish my new heart will also in turn symbiotically nourish my local soul tribe and beloved. I must be mindful now more than ever.

May I be blessed with clarity and compassion as I release the old and birth a new self.

“I’m going to plant a heart in the earth
water it with love from a vein
I’m going to praise it with the push of muscle
and care for it in the sound of all dimensions

I’m going to leave a heart in the earth
so it may grow and flower
a heart that throbs with longing
that adores everything green
that will be strength and nourishment for birds
that will be the sap of plants and mountains.”
-Rosario Murillo, Earth Prayers From Around the World


Lens: Photos taken at Prana del Mar Yoga Retreat Center the home of my annual Thanksgiving Gratitude and Manifestation Yoga Retreats.

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