You Can Fly

Depending upon who you ask, I have been described as bold and courageous for making the “grand” gesture for the sake of love. I’ve also been accused of falling in love too easily, of being in love with love.

Somewhere in those descriptions is the truth of who I am, and my relationship with love and all its imperfections. To me falling in love is like jumping off a really tall building, your brain tells you it is not a good idea, but your heart tells you, YOU CAN FLY.

My Rebel Spirit is naturally activated to believe I can fly. And so I do.

For how long? Well, that depends, but I’d like to think a just right amount of time.

Thus far in this lifetime I’ve seen with grace love that lasts forever like my parents had until death do us part. What’s been waiting for me and has taken me longer to receive is Soul Mate or even Twin Flame experiences of love. Maybe it’s here now? I believe it is.

What I know is that without attempting, expanding, opening into love through the gateway of the heart it will never happen. We must in the words of Gabrielle Roth, “take our hearts out of the safety deposit box.” Yes, our brains will say, “but it’s safe in there.” In those moments listen to your heart, for keeping it protected may seem like a good idea but it’s really just self imprisonment.

I’d rather fall in love and attempt the flying then stay locked inside by myself.

It’s like this with the asana too. The person that makes it look the easiest has fallen the most. They have also FLOWN the most.  This decision is all yours and is one of the most important choices you can make. What you see in this photo may look “easy” but Partridge Pose requires strength, flexibility, and balance. In Sanskrit it is known as:



“Feelings are the language of our heart, but we have silenced them. We talk about our feelings, we think about our feelings, but when we actually feel them we get so scared we immediately shove them back into the deepest chambers of our hearts. Yet none of us want to be numb. We long to connect. We long to be real. We long to be intimate.” Gabrielle Roth

In some aspect of your life there is an opportunity today to leap, it is the space between your inhale and your exhale. This moment presents itself ripe with possibility so YOU CAN FLY. All you have to do is move forward from your heart.

Love yourself, love your day, love your life! Silvia

Lens: Photo taken at Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, home of my July 29-Aug 19, 2017 Costa Rica RYT200 Teacher Training Program

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