Dear Stress We are Breaking Up

Dear Stress,

We are breaking up.

I was going to text you but because we’ve been together so long the least I could do was write you a letter.

I am also no longer going to be making time for your friends fear and resistance. They are not welcomed into my home or energy field.

I met someone else. LOVE.

And I really feel like I’m in the right relationship now. I enjoy the friends Love has introduced me to like transparency, tranquility, and light. They are more fun to hang out with than your buddies fear and resistance ever were.thumb_P1080787_1024

Now I don’t want you to go out with my friends either. You weren’t good for me and aren’t good enough for them either. We all deserve better.

Love is teaching me all sorts of new things. I won’t go into details but love is so sexy… And accepts me unconditionally. I feel supported and energized by love.

Stress baby, we’ve been together a long time. I’m feeling sentimental because I got so used to you. Thank you for what you’ve taught me. Those lessons made me the person I am today.




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