Where Will I Hug You in 2017?

I am forever grateful for each and every student that shares energy and time with me. It is because of you that my dharma comes alive each year! I love you!

My Upcoming Yoga Retreat Schedule
March 26-April 2, 2017 Bali Yoga Retreat with Hannah Muse
Alchemy of Love

April 2-9, 2017 Bali Yoga Retreat with DJ Drishti Alchemy of Happiness

June 25- July 2, 2017 Tuscany Vino & Vinyasa Yoga Retreat
Alchemy of Beauty

Aug 5-12, 2017 Costa Rica Yoga Retreat with Emily Perry
Alchemy of Transformation

Sept 30-Oct 7, 2017 Patagonia Yoga Retreat with Drishti Journeys
Alchemy of Adventure

Nov 25-Dec 2, 2017 Mexico Gratitude & Manifestation Yoga Retreat
Alchemy of Joy at Prana del Mar

Dec 2-9, 2017 Manifesting Abundance Yoga Retreat with Emily Perry
Alchemy of Soul at Prana del Mar

RYT200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Schedule
April 15-May 6, 2017 Bali RYT 200 Hour Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training
July 29-Aug 19, 2017 Costa Rica RYT 200 Hour Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training with Emily Perry

Writer. Happiness Coach. Mindfulness Teacher. Love Alchemist
Style of Teaching *Spiritual Vinyasa * Inspired * Playful * Mystical*

monkey-silvia-touchSilvia Mordini is a Writer, Happiness Coach and internationally recognized Yoga Presenter. Her expert passion connects people to their own joyful potential. Born in Ecuador, proud of her Italian heritage and raised as a world traveler, Silvia developed a sense of global citizenship early on. In young adulthood she was run over by a car—a life changing accident that led her to discover the “Alchemy” of Yoga to heal and transform. A serial Yogapreneur, Silvia had a 13 year Human Resource career, owned 2 Yoga Studios, founded Alchemy Tours, a Spiritual Adventure company and developed the 10 year old international Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training School. She has been inspiring happiness, global awareness, and joyful living in students for 20 years. She also leads private Dharma Mentoring courses for socially conscious yogapreneurs that aims to calibrate the inner compass for fulfillment and work life balance. This program provides the mechanics to do the work of spirit and be successful at the same time.

Her workshops such as Alchemy of Love, Roots, Rock, Reggae, Chakra Vinyasa, Alchemy of Fire: Durga Deliciousness, Removing the Obstacles to Happiness: Yoga Sutras Unplugged, Drinking the Lotus, Alchemy of Yoga, Rebel Spirit Flow, Ayurveda Beauty from the Inside Out include inspirational music, mantra, guided visualization, journaling, and meditation.

Look for her upcoming book “Happiness Prescriptions,” read her popular blog called Love Your Life (named one of the top Yoga blogs for 2016), along with enjoying her “Loving Your Day” YouTube channel. Her articles appear regularly in magazines such as Mantra Yoga and on various yoga sites such as MindBodyGreen, Wanderlust, Yoganonymous, GaiamTV, Daily Cup of Yoga and she is the author of the The Alchemy of Yoga blog on DoYouYoga.com. Silvia loves cooking tasty vegan Italian and Latin infused meals while entertaining friends. She dreams of one day living on a beach “almost” full-time and simplifying her closet by 50%.

Connect with Me: Inspired Yoga, Study, and Travel for a LIFE Inspired
Personal: http://www.silviamordini.com Twitter/Instagram: @inspiredyogagal
Study: http://www.alchemyofyoga.com Twitter/Instagram: @alchemyofyoga
Travel http://www.alchemytours.com Twitter/Instagram: Alchemy Tours




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