8,760 Hours in 2017 Mind Map Your Intentions

Remember there are 168 hours/week and 8,760 hours/year.
Where would you like this time to go in 2017? Organize your core values and key intentions into into categories such as happiness, fun, family, creativity, work, spirituality, giving etc. Consider turning these categories into Mind Maps.

A term first made popular by British author Tony Buzan, “mind mapping” is a style of graphically depicting concepts related to a particular topic or idea. For the purpose of intention setting, a mind map is one way to visually represent your inner creativity and identify what lights you up. This can be a great place to start because there are no rules. A mind map evolves organically and can reveal your most authentic desires and needs. Add drawings, words, scribbles, color and anything that you connect with in a real way.

One of the most powerful mind maps is as simple as a circle. Inside the circle exists everything you could ever want or be, outside the circle is anything that you do not want. (Sometimes, it’s necessary to know what you don’t want first so that you can stay laser focused on what you do want.) Use your senses to identify what is inside your circle. How do you want to feel? What does it sound, smell, taste like? Use language that awakens your spirit and gets you excited!

Exercise: Mind Mapping
Draw a circle and inside the circle write what you want, outside what you don’t want.
Mind Map #1: Health
Mind Map #2: Happiness
Mind Map #3: Yoga
Mind Map #4: Fun
Mind Map #5: Finances
Mind Map #6: Giving
Mind Map #7: Personal Development (Learning)

For this and more exercises download my #FREE New Year’s Intention Setting Workbook helping you align directly with How to #Manifest #Happiness.


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