Eat Play Love

❤️ Eat. Play. Love. ❤️
Making time to eat PLAY love is what we promise as your #Love #Alchemists
Join @hannahmuse_yoga and me on our Bali #YogaRetreat March 26-April 2, 2017!

Lens #Bali #alchemyofyoga #AlchemyofLove #eatplaylove

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There is a #Sanskrit word, lila, which means divine play, the play of creation, destruction, and re-creation, the folding and unfolding of the cosmos. #Lila, free and deep, is both the delight and enjoyment of this moment, and the #play of consciousness experiencing itself through our human experience.

Lila can also mean love.

I am profoundly touched and inspired by what is possible when you bring together a high vibe tribe to do the work of spirit, manifesting their best lives, and elevating the world while having a super FUN time. Jai Ma~

Play On. Love On. ❤️💛💙💜


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