Yoga at the Airport

I am an admitted travel junkie. I spend up to 70% of my time making adventures around this work connecting to the beauty of the people and nature all around. In order to get where I’m going I have to get on an airplane.

I make the most of the time I have at airports like this one shown here in SouthEast Asia by practicing #yoga that doesn’t require a mat or special yoga clothes.

If you look at my website you’ll find all sorts of sequences that do not require touching the ground with your hands. This is built upon a “no downdogs allowed” concept so one doesn’t have to be wary of germs or not having the right equipment.

The types of flows I offer are: 1) Standing (like shown here) 2) seated in airport chair 3) using a wall. Enjoy and make the most of the opportunities for Yoga at the Airport. Love yourself, love your day, love your life! Silvia

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