Durga Rebel Spirit

Tomorrow I’m teaching Durga Inspired Rebel Spirit Workshop. Hike in the red rocks + yoga. Perfect at Sedona Yoga Festival! Yoga works to inspire a REBEL SPIRIT in all of us. Have you ever wondered how yoga helps us move beyond resistance to fear and Let Go of what’s holding us back? In this workshop learn how your Rebel Spirit comes from Durga often called the Mother of the universe who protects mankind from misery by destroying selfishness, jealousy, prejudice, hatred, and anger. 

Durga, the goddess of power (shakti) and strength over negativity is also the mother of bounty and wealth, and of beauty and knowledge, for her daughters are Lakshmi and Saraswati (goddesses of wealth and knowledge, respectively).

We will invoke the badass energy of Durga, Invincibility, to stand up for our life! We will inhabit the poses with fierce kindness and peaceful determination and strut away inspired to be ourselves. Join me for some playful, radical fun flow to stoke your rebel spirit!

At the end there will be time to be Overly Meditated before savasana and live a LIFE Inspired the rest of the day!

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