My Life My Choices

My life is the result of the choices I make.
I hold this power in the palm of my hands.
Everything changed the moment I accepted responsibility for the quality of my life.
For me it was a conscious choice to give up even the most subtle aspects of #blamestorming. I make my life. I am the queen of the kingdom of me!
My acceptance of responsibility makes me engage in life in a bigger way. I feel big. I am mahima!
Now have I always made the best choices? Yes.
Even my choices that weren’t made for my highest good offered lessons. Everything is for the education of our soul. The way I’ve gotten smarter is not to repeat those choices that limit my growth.
I will not waste any more time in my life by choosing actions that take me out of alignment.
The most important choice I make each day, is I choose me. I always love myself, my day, my life.

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