Stop Polluting

What I miss already about Italy… not hearing any curse words. While walking to yoga, grocery shopping, sitting at restaurants there is no constant streaming of curses not even from American tourists. Every other word isn’t eff this or d*mn or sh*t forced into my energy field in public places.
In general conversation other words are chosen.
I know you can find articles written like “Why smart women use f*ck more than others” and the “5 reasons eff feels good to say” but it doesn’t feel good to have to hear this all the time. Am I sensitive to the energy of words? Yes, I am. Everything we say, as well as its intent has measurable vibration.
All I ask is that in public settings I’m not bombarded by these words. In my first 5 minutes arriving into the SFO airport I’ve already had to hear people on their cell phones calling women b**ch and eff words galore!
So my shields go up to protect myself.
When you speak of any women like this it hurts me. And when you pollute the atmosphere with low vibration word choices it hurts me too. I have to breathe in the energy you’re putting out there. And so do all the children around me.
I’d rather coexist in a kinder way where my shields stay down and I go around heart forward and wide open. ❤️
PS yes I know this philosophy isn’t trending. I’m ok with that.
Lens #florence #laghuvajrasana

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