Staying Balanced

Balance is easy to find.
But hard to maintain.
It requires constant sensitive adjustments.

Overall the time actually spent in the momentary balance is a flash, the majority of life happens before and after. The delicious quality of balancing comes from enjoying the process to taste it even for that moment. The desire we have to feel in alignment, whether its about stacking our joints in a half moon pose, or striking a balance with our soul contract is innate. As human creatures we prefer to feel that what our minds, hearts and bodies are experiencing is in alignment. All of this requires a steady effort to maintain while at the same time letting go of attachment to any result. It is after all simply trial and effort, or try fail and try better. Remember the person that makes balancing look the easiest has fallen the most.

Lens #bali#alchemyofyoga Villa Tanah Shanti
#halfmoon pose

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