My Daily Morning Ritual

My morning ritual begins with Meditation in Bed. The routine begins the same way every day in Four Parts:

1. I am so grateful for…. (I list my gratitudes)

2. May I be empty so LOVE flows through me (repeating this over & over to cleanse the channel to be a conduit of love)

3. I forgive myself for… (I practice forgiveness every day so I know how to forgive)

4. What would you have me know? or What would you have me do? (I reach to The One, to Great Spirit and ask and from there I simply listen for as long as I want to meditate).

I will do 11 minutes = the angel number or 13 minutes = the most powerful divine feminine number or 20-30 whatever moves me. But every day I meditate because life is chaotic and I need to know how to find the quiet amidst the noise.

My meditations themselves are often “loud” so the rest of my day can be peaceful.


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