Information Overload Do Yourself a Favor

Information overload? Always “busy?” We need time to unplug and get off the grid. Join me #Baja Prana del Mar #YogaRetreat Nov 25 – Dec 2 or Dec 2-9, 2017. Do yourself a favor, “many people would be better off if they did less and reflected more.
We get a buzz when we feel really busy. Distraction-inducing behaviours like constantly checking email stimulate the brain to shoot dopamine into the bloodstream giving us a rush that can make stopping so much harder.
Unfortunately in contemporary organisations work addicts are highly encouraged, supported and even rewarded.
But there isn’t necessarily a relationship between working hard and working smart. In fact a workaholic environment may contribute to serious personal and mental health problems including low morale, depression, substance abuse, workplace harassment, relationship breakdown and above average absenteeism.

#Forbes #timeout #offgrid #unplug #digitaldetox #feedyourbrain #workaholic #remedy #happinessrx
Details or retreat

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