Drumming is Sacred

I come from a musical family.
I trained in piano for 13 years.
I also studied clarinet in Junior high, and high school.
And I always loved drumming.
I travel with at least 1 drum (if not two). 🎶

Right now next to my bed on my nightstand are 2 drums, a flute, and my favorite new shaker.
My luggage is full of other small instruments. 💕
But the drum offers me special medicine.

Drumming every day heals me.

I used it a couple days ago while on my moon cycle to sing and drum at my second #chakra. I put myself into deep yoga nidra like state feeling the vibration.

Drumming offers me an immediate connection to earth energy, to our great Ma. I need this support when I feel anxiety start up again. If my breath is telling me anxiety is growing I stop and drum. I tether back to that place of the primordial drumbeat, the beating heartbeat of the earth. Then I remember to synchronize my heart beat to the One, and I know it’s all going to be ok. Again.

I am healed.

To me the #drum is sacred. It is Spiritual Alchemy and heart medicine.


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