Being Over Careful

What you see under the helmet is a happy, smiling face. Don’t be fooled by the easy appearance of confidence. I have had to do the hard work of getting back on a bike after an accident, not just once, but twice. This photo is a testament to the Power of Change. In spite of my fear, not due to lack of fear, I empower myself to realize the past does NOT define my present. If I can change, you can too. Let me help you.

Here’s a bit of an unpublished article shared here for the first time titled “I Fell Again.”

I started writing this Nov 22, 2015 the day of my second accident. ✨

“When I look back what I remember in the year before the accident was that I was living life ultra carefully already. I was checking in with fear first, then love. I didn’t know where this was coming from. In a sneaky way from that shift of insidious fear infiltrating my life, things started to change. As independent as I was naturally, I was losing my freedom. I was imprisoning myself for no apparent reason. I didn’t deserve it. I hadn’t done anything to be put behind bars of my own creation. And yet it happened.

Then came the pivotal moment of almost dying or rather dying and coming back to life. That was three and a half years ago. My severe concussion was a serious wake-up call, as was living with TBI.

It was as if that moment validated the careful way of living I had grown into. It seemed to confirm that this independent dependency was the right path to travel.
So when I say that getting on a mechanical thing with two wheels and a motor isn’t something I take lightly is no joke. I had one outside my home in Seattle the last 2 ½ years and never once drove it. I was careful. Maybe too careful.

The irony is that I am a natural risk taker; my life would prove that as a whole. That is my nature. As an entrepreneur and professional change agent, and story strategist – I teach, inspire, and coach others to lead the change in their lives. To be more bold. Not to stay tightly knit in the bud, but to blossom, grow, expand. I’ve dedicated my life to this. It is my dharma to teach what I know the hard way.

Well, earlier today this was going to be a story of how I got back on a bike, a scooter in Ubud, and succeeded in tackling my demons, those belligerent voices of “be careful.” And then…
I fell again.”

*Look for the article to be shared in its entirety on an as of yet TBD site. The lesson of the original intention upended by the new lessons of the second accident.
You might be wondering what was I so afraid of before that made me live so carefully?
Ahhh well that’s related to love.

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