Ananda Joy Bliss

Morning reading #meditation from Sally Kempton.

“The third aspect of the self is ananda, or joy. The ananda aspect of the Self encompasses many different kinds of experience, including love, bliss, and ecstasy. Ananda is the source of all true creativity: the impulse to make something – to do anything – actually comes out of our unborn joy, excitement, and delight.

The Taittiriya #Upanishad says, “All things are born out of bliss. They live in bliss and dissolve into bliss.”

…our experiences of happiness are possible only because #happiness is already inside us. In short it is not the other person, the beautiful scene, the film, or the tiramisu that creates joy. These things may trigger it, but the joy is intrinsic to us. In fact, the pleasure we experience through the senses is literally a shadow of the joy we gave inside.
If you want to understand why I am the way I am or who I am at my core being then look no further than this basic teaching.
As you look ahead to 2018 where in your life can you reconnect to the #ananda feeling of fulfillment and completeness?
“Ananda is there when things are going well for us.
Ananda is also there when things are falling apart .”

My #christmas book recommendation is Meditation for the LOVE of it.
Also look for my free meditation series to start your #newyear with bliss steeped in ananda. ❤️

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