Angels Believe in You

“You need not believe in angels; angels believe in you. You need not understand angels; angels understand you. You need not see angels; angels see you, bask in your perfection, celebrate your spirit, revel in your light. Angels see you! Angels see Love.” -Steffany Barton
❤️ I always feel the presence of #angels in my life. Maybe it’s something you’ve not given much thought to or you too feel them as your guides. ❤️
All I can say is that not a day goes by that I don’t rely on my angel guides to offer me support. I reach out to them in my prayers and I listen for their messages in my meditation. I ask for their safety when I travel. I write them letters when I journal. They are present in a very real way.

Now I realize by saying this that many reading will think this is too much. I get it. But I’m tired of keeping quiet about the depth of my practices and beliefs. To me angels are all around us and I am so grateful.
When outside in nature I sense them even more.
Grateful for this time this week in #santacruz reconnecting to old and new friends and Mama earth and the blessed water. Gracias por mi Vida!
#selfie #beach #sadhana

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