My Christmas Wish Help Someone

For me on this peaceful Christmas Eve 2017 I have many friends who are not feeling peace & safety.
I’ve been where they are. And maybe you have too.
✨Life is so fragile. ✨
I have friends suffering with loneliness, illness, crisis and uncertainty. Maybe you do too?
My #ChristmasWish is that we ALL reach out to one person we know who is suffering. And even more than this, please consider forgiving just 1 human.
Life is short. Please don’t waste a moment.
Be a lighthouse person, be a forklift person says #YogiBhajan. Make this night easier for another.
And to my soul brother who tried to end his life a month ago and is battling to find reasons to live and is by himself in Seattle tonight, excluded by All Friends that were his family, know you are loved. Our Creator is looking over you and is the only one that can judge you, no one else can. We all deserve a second chance. I’ll keep you in my prayers as I know how hard tonight is after such a lonely birthday earlier this week. I love you. 🙏

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