Soul Vitamins to Love Your Day from Silvia Mordini

💕 I want you to Love your Day. 💕

When I wake up I’ve trained myself to make a conscious choice to choose to be happy. I say upon awakening my personal mantra which downloaded from Spirit over 11 years ago, “I love myself, I am love, I offer love, I receive love.”
In 2018 I want to do all I can to wake you up to the Power you have to change, to create anything you want, to imagine yourself loving yourself, loving your day, Loving your life!
I know it’s not easy. Therefore to live my dharma more fully I want to reach you more directly thru inspirations I’ll offer in #LoveNotes I’ll send through Email directly to your inbox.
These are what I call Happiness Prescriptions #HappinessRx.
You can think of these as Soul Vitamins in the form of written or audio encouragements.

This year I want to serve you in better and bigger ways to wake up each day and make the conscious choice to be happy.

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