Sedona Yoga Festival February 2018 Use My Discount

It’s time to purchase your tickets for Sedona Yoga Festival!

I can’t wait to hug you Feb 8-11, 2018!
Go here:
Use my code ALCHEMY for a loving Discount.
Take a peek at some of my workshops 🙂
1.) Grow Your Happy: Kundalini Vinyasa Fusion
Yoga teaches us that Happiness is our natural alchemy!
Through #Kundalini and #Vinyasa Yoga, mantra meditation and pranayama we will focus on the last three niyamas necessary for bringing about real, lasting change and cultivating inner joy. Expect upbeat music, loads of laughter and inspiring talk story. Join me to #GrowYourHappy!
2.) How to be a Successful Yoga Teacher: Authenticity, Abundance and Sustainability
Yoga teachers can know all the philosophy and inteligent asana alignment specifics in the world, but many are still at risk of being less dynamic than they could be, and blocking the opportunities and abundance that want to come to them, but can’t. This is because they fall into patterns that don’t serve them such as teaching like everyone else, teaching too much, getting burnt out and not being able to find what makes them special. Therefore, classes don’t build as much as they could, students come and go, instructors have to work harder, not smarter, and it’s less satisfying to teach at all.
In this full day intensive, Silvia Mordini, a well loved “Teacher of Teachers” worldwide, shares all her secrets with you. Learn her best advice gathered from 20 years and over 11,000 hours of teaching. A serial Yogapreneur, Silvia had a 13 year Human Resource career, owned 2 Yoga Studios, founded Alchemy Tours, a 10 year old Spiritual Adventure company and developed the 13 year old international Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training School.

1. She will reveal practical ways to elevate your teaching from good to great!
2. The Essence of great teaching: 5 qualities of Great Teachers
3. How to stay inspired and maintain sustainability
4. The Psychologically Healthy and Authentic Teacher: Acheiving clarity around your Teacher Mission Statement
5. The Psychologically Sound Classroom: Teaching to the Heart of the Student; Creating a Safe & Sacred Space; Assessment of Class Energy, Mood, Style; Teacher & Student Relationship; Honoring the Sacred Seat of the Teacher; Ethical Relationships & Boundaries
6. How to work smarter and gain financial prosperity
3) Alchemy of Balance: Elements, Chakras and Energy Medicine
Experience the 5 elements (Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth), 4 directions (South, West, North, East), and Chakras as an inner and outer map of transformation. These are archetypal and energetic maps that are as metaphorical as they are very real and embodied. Everything we see, taste, touch, feel, and do can be interpreted through the gateway of the elements, directions, and chakras.
During this workshop, we will take time to learn how to tap into these sacred relationships and how to align ourselves in understanding their Alchemy in order to gain insight into healing our body, psyche, emotions, and through us our world.

Each direction can be correlated with a different season, a chakra, an element, a moon phase, a unique stage of development, a physical aspect of our embodiment, and an archetypal qualities.
This Alchemy is a guide to life and to living life from a connected, simple place rooted in the body, and resourcing from the shared experience of all organic processes in spiritual rhythm with Nature.
This workshop opens with a Sacred Circle, call to the Four Directions, and intention setting. We will explore through movement the vibrant practice of Mandala Namaskar, a circular, fluid Vinyasa sequence that includes twists, spirals, flow motion within asanas, culminating in a joyful balance of strength, grace, and creativity that reflects the pulsing rhythms of nature: who is made up of earth, water, fire, air, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Chakras. Expect inspirational music, creative asana and talk story.
Join me to learn practical energy medicine and experience the wisdom each direction, element and chakra holds for you to live a peaceful, happy life!

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