I Promise my Father I’ll Make Love my World

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those that love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.” -Rumi

It’s coming up on exactly to the day Papa has been gone 22 years from this earthly realm. Every year I use this time between January 1st (a a new cycle around the sun) and the February 9th anniversary to renew my dedication to falling in Love with myself, with my day, with my life.
I promise him I’ll make LOVE, my world. ❤️
I will see with Love, breathe with Love, act with Love.
Everything I feel, think, say or do will come from love.
I also commit to going deeper into my heart than ever before, removing any barriers to love from my being.
I vow to not half love anything, only loving fully and keeping the light within my soul as bright as possible.
These things I promise my Father for I’ve never said goodbye. He’s always here with me every single day into the infinite.

I am his living legacy. The responsibility of this is a powerful motivator for me to live from my highest self and do the work to be my best me. My love for Papa always reminds me to think about how I’m showing up in the world. And am I doing so in the most loving way?

He taught me so many lessons while alive and has never stopped just because he left his human body. His spirit has continued to be my greatest teacher.

I love you Papa.
Lens #italy Enrico Mordini

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