Learn to Meditate You’ve Got This!

“If I just get still long enough
I’ll be reunited
The coming together
Is getting closer
I feel it”
You’ve totally got this!
You can learn to #meditate thru 7daysof.love
Sign up for FREE! www.7daysof.love
Let’s try a little bit right now with one of my favorite simple meditations from the Yoga Sutras. Practice daily for #7daysoflove
please take a comfortable seat
close your eyes
allow your body to settle
bring your attention to your breath
watch it without trying to control it
observe the breath moving in and out of the body
bring your attention to your #heart
visualize the presence of a golden white light within the heart
the heart is the centre of consciousness
allow this divine Light to glow softly and radiate it’s light throughout the whole body
feel the presence of a luminous light radiating optimism, hope and faith throughout your entire being
feel completely immersed in the light of love
surrender to be mindfullyin.love
For the rest of this meditation, the audio version and #Love Guidebook with mindful journaling exercises sign up today.
Hosts @iamgreglove Greg Love and Me @inspiredyogagal

#meditation #stillnesissexy #mindfullyinlove #love #poetry

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