Feed Your Soul Free Your Mind

Feed Your Soul. Free Your Mind.
Let’s put an end to acting from soul poverty and live the calling we hear from within our hearts.
Me? Teaching meditation to those in power is what I’d like to do more of. More meditation nourishes our souls.
Everyday I want to help someone in need and not get attached to what they’ll do. Karmic stickiness sometimes holds me back, but it doesn’t have to.
My mind sometimes gets heavy with the suffering in the world. My mind’s deep dark secret is to do nothing. To just be. But that is just a trick of my mind to keep me imprisoned in a difficult world. Therefore I #meditate on LOVE.
I free my mind thru unconditional, universal love for ALL. ❤️
You can too. Sign up for my FREE February Meditation program cohosted with @iamgreglove
Click here http://www.7daysof.love
#karma #karmicstickiness #freedom #soul #love
#7daysoflove #mindfullyinlove

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