The Good Enough Dress

I wore this yesterday in Italy.
I can’t exactly remember when I bought this dress but what I know is, that I was saving it for an appropriately “special” occasion. It just went around the world in my suitcase with tags on it.
…there was a “good enough” reason. 
🌸 Do you too have a “Good Enough” dress?🌸
In February from Seattle to California I put this dress on for a plane ride to meet up with a “him.”
When I arrived to warm temperatures at the California airport I didn’t feel right. I didn’t think he was good enough for this special dress. I don’t know what I was thinking. So I changed into a different dress in the airport bathroom. Ahhh better. Way better. I’ll still save this dress.
Yesterday, I finally wore this dress in #Florence for myself.
I am good enough. 
Being alive today is a good enough reason. 
I’m healthy and I can see, walk, move easily in this dress. 
It reminds me of a time when I couldn’t. 
There are no conditions we have to meet. That’s just a story. And at any time we can drop the story. 
Today I made a promise to myself that I will STOP saving any dress based on a prerequisite to be “enough” of anything. I encourage you to do the same. I want you to live better than I have and learn from the roadblocks I’ve sometimes created.
I will not live a life with tags waiting to be pulled off.
Life is too short.
#ladolcevita is here right now.
It’s already happening.
No more waiting.
Photo my Rose Room at beautiful Fattoria Lavacchio view of #tuscanybehind the dress.

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